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How do we navigate the fog of life?

10/10/20222 min read


Close your eyes. Can you see? What do you see? Is there something you want to see? In a world filled with endless attractions and even more distractions, how do we know that we see what is there and not what we want to see?

Think back to the year before. Can you see who you were? Can you see what it is that you wanted, and whether or not you got it? When you sleep at night, do you dream? And if you dream, can you remember those dreams. Close your eyes again and think back to the last dream you can remember. How are you so sure that it was a dream?

We all find a way to wake up in the morning and open our eyes to yet another day. In the midst of all the noise and all the commotion, we can always see what we choose to see. Even a blind man knows how to get where he is going. But do we really see where it is we're headed? The year of 2020 was by the far the foggiest year in recent memory. Every month felt like March and every day felt like the last. Even now as I write this I'm still unsure if its 2020 or 2021.

When you reflect on what it is your life is like today, do you ever wonder if you're staring into the fog? Do you know if what you're seeing is what is actually there, or what it is you wish was there?

Is the home you're in really the one you want to live in?

Is the partner you have really the one you want to confide in?

Is the life you're living really the one you want to continue leading?

It's important to sit down and recognize when your life has become clouded. The turmoils of life can cause us to melt the days and weeks and months into boxes that we cross off instead of clouds that we jump into. Think of how many people out there are just counting down the days to something arbitrary. A graduation. A paycheck. A birthday. The next episode of a TV show.

Don't let your life be filled with fog. Wave your hands and clear the air as often as you possibly can. Being mindful of yourself, your surroundings, and the way the two are intermixing is the key to navigating the fog. If you never take the time to chart your path, one will be charted for you. And before you know it, you'll be at the end of the road.

This post was first written on February 19th, 2021.

Thanks goes out to Harpriya for motivating me to share some of my writing today.

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